Let's make something special

If you're looking an experienced male TV presenter, a British spokesman or green screen presenter to spice-up your social media content, give your website a bit of personality or promote your brand, I'm your man. I can help you stand-out from the crowd and get the results you’re looking for. I work quickly (within 24 hours if necessary) and professionally.

What I do

Friendly and Authoritative

My style, they tell me, is friendly with a touch of authority - which always makes me smile - but it seems a good combination if you need to get important information across in a way that's accessible and not too formal. Maybe you need a presenter your latest online course or webinar, your lead-magnet, someone to convert a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation to video, a presenter for a training video or instructional video, an online course or masterclass or someone to sell the benefits of your brand - I can help.

Choose Your Background

Recent Work

Your script

It all starts with a great script. I can help you with this or you can click here to sign-up to my newsletter for a free eBook to get you started.

Choose a background

As well as an actual living room you can choose from green, white and ten virtual backgrounds. Let me know if you need something special. 

Choose the outfit

Choose from four standard outfits: Business (suit and tie), Smart (shirt, waistcoat, tie), Relaxed (open-neck shirt, no tie) and Casual (polo shirt).


Breaking News

Share you message with these short, high-impact Breaking News videos. Perfect for social media when you have a short, punchy message and you need to grab the attention of your audience. Choose from two templates.

Breaking News Option 1

Medical Spokesperson

Breaking News Option 2

Christmas Spokesperson


Over 150 Five Star Reviews on Fiverr

Clive Bulmer

noble security

Gary once again has done an absolute awesome job. His patience and professionalism is second to none because even when I wasn't completely specific Gary was extremely helpful and rectified it. He truly is a real gentleman and a credit to Fiverr. I truly see Gary as the very best in his field on Fiverr and I highly recommend him and his work.


EPC for Less

This totally exceeded our expectations!! We asked this Seller to be our spokesperson for our website which provides a service throughout the United Kingdom. We thought his expertise, style and voice would be suitable. Well, the outcome went way above what we expected both in terms of quality and style.

Juan Ehlers


Absolutely amazing! Gary helped write the script then shot and edited the video. I had the whole thing completed within five hours of making contact! I really have no words to describe how satisfied I am and how brilliantly my gig came out. Wow!

Dan Sebastian


What can I say, WOW. I just found my new video creator/editor. Gary has been amazing with fast communication and is very proactive. He helped with the background and selection and his advice was taken into consideration. If anyone is looking for an outstanding British actor or voice over, stop looking, you just found him. Thank you again, Gary!


Can you write my script?

Yes. I can help you with your script. There is an additional fee for this, depending on how much work you've already done. I always check scripts and make small changes and corrections myself free of charge. I usually make a few tweaks to put the video "in my voice" so it sounds more natural and authentic. If you subscribe to my newsletter I will send you a free ebook on how to write a great script.

Are revisions possible?

Yes, but I aim to get your video perfect, first time. That's why it's important that we agree on the script, the style of delivery, the music and background before I start recording. The more information you can give me the better.

Can I ask you to wear a different outfit?

When you order, you'll be given the choice of four different outfits:

1. Business: Suit and tie.
2. Smart: Shirt, waistcoat, tie.
3. Relaxed: Shirt, no tie.
4. Casual: Black polo shirt

If you want me to wear something else, just let me know.

How come they are so inexpensive?

These videos are a fraction of the price I charge for location shoots because I record in my home studio and keep most of my work within the standard templates of ten backgrounds and ten outfits. I usually record three or four videos in a session.

Do you discount?

No. My prices are already very low.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website for freelancers. It’s a great place to find a graphic designer, programmer and of course, a presenter! I do all of my work through Fiverr. They take care of payments and help me keep my work organised. If you’ve not used their site before, don’t worry. It’s quick and easy. If you have any concerns, just let me know. 

What background can I choose?

Watch the backgrounds video near the top of this page to see this different virtual backgrounds I offer. What you can choose depends on what package you choose:

· Basic is just plain green or white.
· Standard come with the standard office background (no. 1 in the video).
· Premium allows you to choose any of the 10 backgrounds plus a natural (non-virtual) living room.

Can you film outside?

No. One of the reasons my prices are so low is because I work to standard temples in the same studio. If I shoot outside (or in any other location) I have to move all my equipment which is time-consuming and not possible at these prices.

Do you record testimonials?

No. I don’t do testimonial videos for a product or service I have not used. I’m happy to be a spokesman and speak on behalf of your company, if that helps. In this case I would make a video speaking as your representative. It’s very different to a testimonial video but can still be very effective. 

Can I have background music?

Yes. It's included by default in the Premium package. Light background music gives your video a bit more atmosphere and the right kind of energy. Don't worry, I will keep it soft and it won't detract from the main message. 

Are there copyright restrictions?

No. You can use your video however you like: on your website, YouTube, advertising... whatever you want.