How to Make A Killer Video

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What they say

So happy with Gary, he got to me right away. He made me feel like he took ownership of the project and treated it like his own. Delivery time was supposed to be 4 days and he was able to complete it the next day and it was exactly what was looking for. Thank you Gary for being the spokesperson for my business.

Ruben DaVaz - USA

Gary once again has done an absolute awesome job. His patience and professionalism is second to none because even when I wasn't completely specific Gary was extremely helpful and rectified it. He truly is a real gentleman and a credit to Fiverr. I truly see Gary as the very best in his field on Fiverr and I highly recommend him and his work.

Clive Bulmer  - U.K.

What you'll learn

This concise eBook covers all the basics from buying the right equipment, how to write a script and how to look good in front of the camera.

Buying the right equipment

Tips on camera, green screens, lenses, microphones and editing software.

How to write a great script

It all starts with the script. I will show you how to write scripts that inspire your viewers to take action. I'll even give you a second free eBook packed with tips on how to write your own scripts.

How to talk to the camera

I can't wave a magic wand - it does take time and practice to be relaxed and "natural" in front of the camera - but I can give you some shortcuts.

Three exclusive explainer videos

The ebook comes with three exclusive explainer videos which are yours, free of charge. You're welcome. 

Making great videos for your business is easier than you think. Get the free eBook to see how.

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